Mechanical Testing Laboratory


This laboratory, allows evaluating different mechanical and physical parameters of the envelope element, by subjecting them to different types of strains, in order to ensure the quality of the materials.

offers a comprehensive service, from the test plan design to the complete characterization of your product, providing the following tests:

  • Self-closing durability
  • Repeated opening and closing test.
  • Vertical load.
  • Static torsion.
  • Maneuvering forces.
  • Impact resistance of hard body and soft body.

ENSATEC holds ENAC accreditation Nº 288/LE634, according to the criteria expressed inEN ISO/IEC 17025 regulations for in situ testing in buildings and it’s Notified body NB1668 for the construction products regulation.

ENSATECis a member ofASEFAVE(Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Light Facades and Windows) and ASOMA(Association of Manufacturers of Wood Windows and Mixed wood-aluminum)

You can download here the technical scope of the tests accredited by ENAC.