About us

About us

ENSATEC is a technological accredited entity that is accredited by numerous institutions. We are composed of a multidisciplinary team and possess the technical infrastructure that allows us to operate in several fields such as quality control, technical assistance in the fields of architecture, engineering, and environmental industries.

  • ENSATEC was found in 1983 when the Laboratorio de Ensayos del Colegio de Aparejadores and Arquitectos Técnicos de La Rioja were transformed. Since 1983 our company has actively been testing a wide range of products like doors, windows, materials and more on various dimensions for example fire, wind and rain, pressure etc..
  • Our firm has invested heavily in technology and human resources and has extended and diversified the scope of its activities and analyses, adapting itself in response to new market needs.

  • In 2014, ENSATEC became part of the Avanzare Innovación Tecnológica Group. This group is a national leader in the development of high-performance nanomaterials. After joining AVANZARE, part of the ENSATEC technical team has focused its efforts on obtaining new materials for its application in the industry and construction sector, becoming an important nucleus of research within the group. This new philosophy arises from the union of the work carried out since its foundation with the lines already opened by the group.

In 2018 we have completed 35 years thanks to the dedication and work of our professional team. A long way that has allowed us to grow and improve every day, and that we would not have arrived so far without the confidence of our customers and partners.

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At avanzare we specialize in the development, production and commercialization of advanced functional materials for both emerging applications and alternatives to traditional materials.

Our goal is to produce disruptive changes in the industry by offering high performance solutions based on nanotechnology, 2D materials and new emerging materials.


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