Edification & Civil Construction

The Building and Civil Works Laboratory of ENSATEC, offers control over both the materials and the different parts that make up the work, carrying out the studies and monitoring of the works to corroborate their suitability and detect and advise, through the technical assistance of work in those pathologies that could occur.

Some of the tests that are carried out are:

  • Control of concretes and constituent elements.
  • Studies and investigation of pathologies of concrete structures and components.
  • Camera inspections of networks and pipes.
  • Pipe tightness and reception tests.
  • Coverage and closure device tests.
  • Load tests of bridges and floors.
  • Inspection of welds.
  • On-site leak testing of roofs, facades and windows.
  • Impact and safety load tests on glass elements, railings, dividing screens both in the laboratory and on site.