Materials Laboratory

ENSATEC can offer its clients testing, analysis, product testing, production and quality control of all kinds of construction materials in conformity with current legislation.

Ensatec also independently monitors the quality, delivery and fitting of all materials used for building or Public Works in order to evaluate, predict and detect any anomaly or irregularity that might cause future pathologies.

We offer a full- service solution, from the design of the test plan to the complete characterization of your product.

ENSATEC holdsENAC accreditation Nº 288/LE634, according to the criteria expressed in EN ISO/IEC 17025 regulations for in situ testing in buildings and it’s Notified body NB1668 for the construction products regulation.And its reference Laboratory for CTC-034 Certification committee.

Some of the tested products are:

  • Wood;
  • Metal, stone and plastic materials;
  • Rigid and sprayed insulating materials;
  • Mortars and renderings;
  • Paints and varnishes, glues and resins;
  • Bituminous products;
  • Anchoring elements and fastenings;
  • Vertical and horizontal facings and cladding of all kinds;
  • Pavements, floors, walls and roofs of all kinds;
  • Baked clay ceramic materials;
  • Prefabricated boards, plaques and panels;
  • Guard Rails;
  • Paneles Sandwich;

You can download here the technical scope of the tests accredited by ENAC.