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ENSATEC has the following laboratories:

  • FIRE

Acoustic Testing

Ensatec’s experience in measuring noise and in defining the characteristics of all kinds of acoustic insulation elements guarantees suitable evaluation of designs for avoiding acoustic contamination.

ENSATEC holds ENAC accreditation Nº 288/LE652, according to the criteria expressed in UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 regulations for in situ testing in buildings.

It’s currently testing Laboratory aerial noise insulation testing of building components according to UNE-EN UNE-EN ISO 10140-2

As a body with solid experience in this field,ENSATEC played an active role in Technical Building Code acoustic research group (CTE-HR),within the regulatory framework of the Code Application Document for protection against noise (CTE-DAC-HR) and in communicating the implications the changes in regulations have had on the specifications on acoustic conditions in comparison with those of the previous regulations for buildings subject to the basic building code (NBE-CA88).

ENSATEC is a member of AECOR, Spanish Association of Acoustic Quality, a national technical non-profit association, comprising over 130 companies and professionals specializing in acoustics in building, industry or the workplace.

You can download here the technical scope of the tests accredited by ENAC.

Thermal Testing

The Thermal Laboratory of ENSATEC, complements the services of the Enclosures Laboratory and Materials Laboratory, carrying out tests of

  • Thermal transmittance in a stationary system (Hot Box) of windows, frames, curtain wallings.
  • Thermal transmittance finite element simulation, of windows, doors, constructive elements, enclosures and curtain wallings.
  • Thermal conductivity of insulating materials

Thermal calculations made with the most up-to-date software and methods that allow you to perform a thorough thermal analysis in order to improve the performance of your product.

With extensive experience in the enclosure sector, the thermal laboratory service seeks to optimize the design of enclosures and accessories and achieve the maximum performance, required by the most demanding standards as PASSIVHAUS

Tested Products

  • Windows
  • Frames
  • Shutter Drawers
  • Light facades
  • Sandwich panels
  • Doors
  • Constructive elements

You can download here the technical scope of the tests accredited by ENAC

You can download here the technical scope of the tests accredited by ENAC.

Fire Testing

The ENSATEC facilities allow analysis of a material or system’s behaviour when tested for resistance and reaction to fire under its characteristic usage conditions.

European regulations, expressed through the specific regulations of member countries, defines the conditions the materials, systems and spaces must meet to guarantee users’ safety in the event of fire and which include several eventualities:

  • Propagation of the fire, both inside and outside the building.
  • Safe evacuation of the occupants.
  • Installation of detection, monitoring and extinguishing systems.
  • Fire-fighters intervention.
  • Structure fire-resistance.

The department specialises in testing construction materials‘ reaction to fire and the fire resistance of walls, doors and closure elements. ENSATEC is a member of AELAF (Spanish Association of Accredited Fire Laboratories) and a member of the Normalisation Technical Committee CTN-23.


The tests for determining fire resistance of walls and fire-doors are designed to check and test the requirements of solidity and insulation they must meet, as well as ensuring the functionality of the fire-doors self-closing mechanismswhich guarantee their safety.

  • Fire resistance tests for doors EN 1634-1, BS 470-20/22
  • Fire resistance tests for non-loadbearing elements.EN 1364-1, BS 470-20/22
  • Fire resistance tests for building hardware
  • Extension application reports (EXAP reports)


ENSATEC, accredited by ENAC, has a specialist fire department equipped with the most advanced installations adapted to meet the new European standards in construction materials (Euroclases).

  • Non-combustibility test
  • Single Burning Item Test (SBI).
  • Ignitabilty test. Single-flame source test
  • Radiant panel test
  • Determination of the gross heat of combustion
  • Extension application reports (EXAP reports)

You can download here the technical scope of the tests accredited by ENAC.


This department, researches curtain walls, industrial panels for closing façades and roofs, indoor and outdoor joinery on buildings and industrial doors.

We offer a full- service solution , from the design of the test plan to the complete characterization of your product, offering tests of

  • Air permeability
  • Watertighness
  • Impact Resistance
  • Wind Resistance
  • Mechanical behavior
  • Durability
  • Aging and wheathering
  • Resistance to Racking
  • Manoeuvrability forces
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Thermal insulation
  • Resistance and Reaction to Fire


ENSATEC is a member of the CTC-047 (Technical Certification Committee -047) and also a member of the Permanent Group for Procedure Evaluation in the AENOR “N” quality mark qualification process. The firm is also a member of the Normalisation Technical Committee – CTN85 and CTN92.. ENSATEC is also a member of ASEFAVE (Spanish Association of Light Façades and Windows) and ASOMA ( Spanish Association of Timber Windows)

You can download here the technical scope of the tests accredited by ENAC.

Materials Testing

ENSATEC can offer its clients testing, analysis, product testing, production and quality control of all kinds of construction materials in conformity with current legislation. Ensatec also independently monitors the quality, delivery and fitting of all materials used for building or Public Works in order to evaluate, predict and detect any anomaly or irregularity that might cause future pathologies.

It has multidisciplinary departments to carry out tests of:

  • Chemical
  • Mechanical
  • Corrosion and ageing
  • Coatings
  • Hardness
  • Sliding and slipperiness
  • Dimensional characteristics
  • Impact
  • Freezing Test
  • Absorption
  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic isolation
  • Resistance and reaction to fire

We offer a full- service solution, from the design of the test plan to the complete characterization of your product.

Notified body NB1668 For the construction products regulation.

Reference Laboratory for CTC-034 Certification committee.

ENAC accreditation N º 288/LE3634.  See the schedule of accreditation here here

Below is a list of some of the materials that Ensatec analyses:

  • Wood;
  • Metal, stone and plastic materials;
  • Rigid and sprayed insulating materials;
  • Mortars and renderings;
  • Paints and varnishes, glues and resins;
  • Bituminous products;
  • Anchoring elements and fastenings;
  • Vertical and horizontal facings and cladding of all kinds;
  • Pavements, floors, walls and roofs of all kinds;
  • Baked clay ceramic materials;
  • Prefabricated boards, plaques and panels;
  • Guard Rails;

You can download here the technical scope of the tests accredited by ENAC.



Precision as Product warranty.

Identify the measurement needs and design the calibration protocol of the equipment, allow ENSATEC to offer qualified advice directed to the optimal control of the measured instruments.

The several calibration areas carry out their activities under UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 regulations and to standards whose traceability is recognised and guaranteed in relation to the standards of national and international laboratories recognised by ENAC or EA (European Cooperation for Accreditation).

The areas and magnitudes where services are rendered are:

  • Length: micrometers, calippers, indicators, depth measures, gauges, etc
  • Pressure: manometers, pressure switches, pressure gauges, etc.
  • Mass: weights, scales, balances, etc.
  • Temperature, Humidity,: termometers, termohygrometers, etc.
  • Isothermal Characterisation: furnace, ovens,  , freezers, refrigerators, etc
  • Force: dynamometers, dynamometer keys, etc.
  • Volume/ Flow: volume flows, anemometers, volumetric flask, micropipette, etc.
  • Chemical calibration: densymeters, conductivymeters, ph-meters, refractometers, etc
  • Optical – Photometric magnitudes: spectrofotometer UV
  • Electricity and Low Frecuency: multimeters, clamp meters, voltage testers., etc
  • Time y Frecuency: cronometer, frecuencymeters, tachometers, etc.
  • Metal Detector Verification

You can download here the technical scope of the tests accredited by ENAC.


The metrological verification ensures the proper functioning of the regulated measuring equipment through of the Control Metrological of the state and the recommendations of the International Organization of Legal Metrology

The Legal Metrology Laboratory, It Inspection entity Accredited by ENAC with accreditation N º 411/EI712 and  Authorized Verification Body 07-OV-0003 to perform The metrological control of the state of the following instruments:

  • Automatic refractometers for wine grape juice(type I an type II)
  • Temperatura loggers
  • Termometers

You can download here the technical scope of the tests accredited by ENAC.

Edification & Civil Construction Testing

This department, the initial germ of the entity, offers control over both the materials and the different parts that make up the work, carrying out the studies and monitoring of the works to corroborate their suitability and detect and advise, through the technical assistance of work in those pathologies that could occur.

  • Control of concretes and constituent elements.
  • Studies of concrete dosages (normal and special benefits).
  • Analysis of the evolution of the properties of concrete.
  • Studies and research of pathologies of concrete structures and components.
  • Inspections with network cameras and pipes.
  • Sealing tests and pipe reception.
  • Testing of characterization of pipes, ovoids, wells, concrete caz.
  • Testing of coverage and closing devices.
  • Dosage studies of hot bituminous mixtures.
  • Loading tests of bridges and slabs.

Accreditation & Recognition

ENSATEC S.L.U. is an accredited and recognized testing laboratory. We are accredited and recognized by the following institutions:

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